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Anwendungsbericht: Versetzen eines Absatzes


Anwendungsbericht: Versetzen eines Absatzes


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A section of a flange surface of an outer door panel must be corrected by 0.9 mm. The flange surface also contains a bead that is required in the assembly process. As the shape and position of this detailed geometry must be retained, this change cannot be carried out manually. The forming tool is used to produce all four outer panels of the vehicle. The tool has a total weight of over 38 tons, which makes transportation by truck considerably more difficult, as the upper and lower parts of the tool have to be transported separately by two trucks due to their heavy weight. Picum's mobile milling system is the perfect solution to this challenge.

Press Tool (38 Tons) - Producing four doors in one tool


In the first step, we digitize the geometry. Using reverse engineering, we obtain CAD data of the flange surface including the details. In the modification design, the correction of the actual geometries and the kink-free run-out into the original shape are realized. The shape of the bead is retained. The company Lasertechnik Kreiensen, which offers mobile laser cladding with the ALFLAK (Alphalaser) system, supported us with the material application. Laser deposition welding allows as little material as possible to be applied, but as much as necessary. This has the advantage that milling time can be reduced. This procedure enables time-critical shape changes to be completed in an extremely short throughput time. With our high-precision mobile CNC milling system, the flange surface is milled according to the modification design and digitized afterwards. Finally, our experienced tool mechanics apply the "finishing touches" in the tryout.

Scan after welding and milling - Comparing before-after


Our high-precision, mobile milling system allows changes to be made on site that are not possible manually. This eliminates the use of expensive large machining centers and possible tool transportation for changes can be avoided. With our 5-axis CNC kinematics, we can machine smallest details and free-form surfaces. In combination with mobile laser deposition welding from Lasertechnik Kreiensen, minimal throughput times can be achieved for particularly time-critical changes, even for complex changes.


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