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Mobile Tool Shop

By utilizing our specially developed mobile machining technologies in combination with state-of-the-art measuring technology and an experienced team, we bring all the possibilities of toolmaking directly to your press.

Skills & Services

Milling (5-Axis, up to 63 HRC)

Welding (Laser, CMT, MIG/MAG, WIG)

Tool Corrections (Freeform, Cutting Contours, Folding etc.)





Project Management

Company Employee Grinding on a Tool

Tailor-made machining solutions for your tools

Thanks to our experienced specialist staff and our wide range of mobile processing machines and precision measuring systems, we are equipped to handle all your on-site processing tasks with maximum efficiency. Benefit from seamless cooperation in toolmaking and flexible composition of all required resources.


By utilizing the capabilities of our mobile tool shop, you can offer more competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Time Savings Icon


As the tools are machined directly on site at the pressing plant, long throughput times and excessive pre-production are eliminated. This allows you to speed up the production process and increase efficiency.

Quality Control Icon


The mobile toolmaking system guarantees high quality and smooth re-integration of the tools into the production process thanks to the measurement technology-supported implementation of tool processing on site. You maintain full control over the quality of your tools.

On-Site Icon


The mobile toolmaking system offers all the possibilities of classic toolmaking on site. The tools do not leave the press shop and can be processed on site with full flexibility. This enables you to adopt completely new approaches to tool machining.

Emission-Free Icon


By eliminating tool transportation, work on the tools can be carried out completely emission-free. Only electricity and compressed air are required. This makes it easier for you to achieve CO2-neutral production in the press shop.

Flexibility Icon


The individual composition of Picum services for every challenge brings maximum flexibility to the tool customization processes. The required services can be booked as needed. This means you only pay for what you need.


Gerald Klein

Tool Specialist

Lukas Beuse

Lukas Beuse

Project Management & Operations

Thomas Lindner

Thomas Lindner

Tool Specialist


Facing challenges in your press shop? Let our mobile toolshop team handle it for you. Share your requirements, and we'll get in touch to explore how we can efficiently solve your problems and keep your operations running smoothly.


Application Report: Strenghtening of embossing stamps

#BART, #Mobile Toolshop, #application report, #milling

Anwendungsbericht: Verstärkung von Prägestempeln

#BART, #Mobile Toolshop, #application report, #milling

Anwendungsbericht: Geometrieänderung einer Verprägung

#BART, #Mobile Toolshop, #application report

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