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Minimal downtime thanks to digitized tool inserts


Minimal downtime thanks to digitized tool inserts


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Starting situation

Elements for sheet metal trimming/cutting are areas of a tool with the highest loads occur and therefore the highest wear happens. Therefore, there is often a need for repair in these areas. For this reason, elements for trimming/cutting are often designed as demountable inserts to facilitate repairs or even to enable replacement. During replacement, the cutting insert is usually remanufactured according to the CAD data.

In most cases, however, the real geometry is no longer correctly represented by the existing CAD data (changes introduced by tryout) after the tryout. Therefore, a new cutting element manufactured according to CAD data must be reworked, which is time-consuming and causes additional costs. Even more critical is often that during the tryout of the new cutting insert, the tool is blocked and can not be used for production.


Part of the Picum system is a laser measuring system. Thus, for example, cutting-inserts are digitized at an early stage (e.g., directly after the tryout or between two production dates). From the scanned data, CAD models of the cutting inserts are generated by reverse engineering. Thus, a digital image of the cutting insert is created. This CAD data can be used for the true-to-shape production of new cutting inserts. If necessary, the new cutting inserts replace the old ones, and the tool can quickly continue production with minimal tryout effort.


Through reverse engineering, digital clones of cutting inserts are created on site at an early stage. In the event of failure of a cutting insert, a faithful replica can be produced with the help of this data, which requires only minimal tryout. Customers also have the option of storing spare parts for critical components. In this way, production can be continued within a very short time in the event of damage.


Anwendungsbericht: Geometrieänderung einer Verprägung

#BART, #Mobile Toolshop, #application report

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#Reverse Engineering, #Digitization, #application report

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#BART, #Mobile Toolshop, #application report

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#BART, #Mobile Toolshop, #application report

Anwendungsbericht: Flanschkorrektur

#LISA, #additive manufacturing, #application report

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