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Customized gas-tight chamber for oxygen-free production


Customized gas-tight chamber for oxygen-free production


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To realize a research project on the subject of "oxygen-free production", we retrofitted the machining area of a lathe with a gas-tight chamber for a customer in order to create a controlled environment for their machining tests.

In particular, the research focused on the machining of titanium, whose high reactivity during machining negatively affects both the surface of the workpiece and the tools themselves. For this purpose, the atmosphere first had to be flushed with an inert gas before machining and then kept oxygen-free using an active gas.

The main technical challenges during implementation were to ensure that the movements of the relevant axes were gas-tight and to guarantee good ergonomics when using the system. At the same time, it was also necessary to ensure that the chamber could be dismantled quickly if it was not required.

By working closely and effectively with our customer, we were able to respond to their specific requirements and needs and, despite the special challenges of oxygen-free production, we were able to offer a tailor-made solution and thus make a small contribution to this exciting research project.


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