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Project: SCALE


Project: SCALE


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What is SCALE?

Picum's innovative and patented SCALE system makes it possible to integrate our compact and mobile 5-axis CNC machine into a semi-stationary, rail-based parallel kinematic system. Automatic repositioning significantly increases the achievable working area and allows it to be extended in the rail direction almost at will.

How does it work?

The SCALE kinematics basically consist of four independently movable drive units (base units), two of which move to the left and two to the right on guide rails next to the work area. The connection to the 5-axis machining kinematics is made from each drive point via two struts, which connect the sub-components to each other at the ends using backlash-free preloaded ball joints. The position and height of the compact Picum machine can be adjusted by positioning the individual base units along the rails and the base units in relation to each other.

The drive forces are transmitted via external fixed gear racks and a drive pinion at each base unit. The current position of the carriages can be detected indirectly via the motor encoders or directly via draw-wire sensors. To increase the accuracy of the system during processing, the position of the processing kinematics can also be determined using an additional laser-based measuring system. This allows position deviations to be recorded directly so that they can be compensated for immediately.

Depending on the machining technology used, the four drive carriages can be clamped on the precision rails once the position has been reached in order to hold the 5-axis kinematics in position in a rigid and stiff framework.

What can you do with it?

In addition to the advantage of the larger workspace for the integrated subtractive manufacturing processes and the surface scanning of components, the SCALE system offers significant advantages when using welding technologies (laser and arc welding) in the field of additive manufacturing and the hybrid machining of large components.

The design of the SCALE machine
The design of the machine


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